example for VBA

Public Sub TestDeMorgan()
    Call DeMorgan(False, False)
    Call DeMorgan(False, True)
    Call DeMorgan(True, False)
    Call DeMorgan(True, True)
End Sub

Private Sub DeMorgan(ByVal A As Boolean, ByVal B As Boolean)
    Debug.Assert (Not A And Not B) = Not (A Or B)
    Debug.Assert (Not A And B) = Not (A Or Not B)
    Debug.Assert (A And Not B) = Not (Not A Or B)
    Debug.Assert (A And B) = Not (Not A Or Not B)

    Debug.Assert (Not A Or Not B) = Not (A And B)
    Debug.Assert (Not A Or B) = Not (A And Not B)
    Debug.Assert (A Or Not B) = Not (Not A And B)
    Debug.Assert (A Or B) = Not (Not A And Not B)
End Sub

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